“There’s no mistaking the aroma: fresh, ripe, very sweet apples define the bouquet on this beverage, along with a very slight edge tartness. I could almost sense bees buzzing around apple blossoms deep in the orchard.”

Alaska Beer News

“This style of cider takes well to mulling (heating with mulling spices), so keep some on hand for when those fiercely cold winter storms move into the Southland.”

Los Angeles Times (Publisher Archived)

“... it was delicious. So delicious that in the last three days I have bought two more bottles. When I like something I focus on it absolutely, so I reckon I'm focusing.”

66 Square Feet, New York

“J. K. Scrumpy’s Orchard Gate Gold is a wonderfully tasty cider, crisp, clean and deliciously refreshing. It retains the flavor of slightly tart apples, which is enhanced by its creamy fizziness.”

Wine Canine, March 2009

Lew Bryson's Blog, Seen Through a Glass
"This is quite tasty, and it was delicious with a slice of a beautiful big miche... there was one moment of mouthful when everything came together so well -- apple sweetness bringing out cheese richness, wild-yeast bread bringing out hint of cider tart/tannin, smooth paste of cheese crashing into solid bread structure..."

This was a fun find – a hard cider that is not treacly sweet. This USDA certified organic hard cider – very pleasant – mild apple flavor, a slightly creamy texture, and low on fizz.

In style, this cider is somewhere between an English Scrumpy and a Normandy Cider. It is a sweet cider, but the acidity and tannins from the apples balance it out. Perfectly fruity and appley, like drinking traditional unfiltered apple cider, but fermented. At 5.5% ABV J.K. Scrumpy is in the midrange of ABVs for hard ciders. It is refreshing when chilled, and warm and cozy when heated. It is the perfect beverage to take you from cool "winter" months to scorching hot summer months.

A TASTY BEVERAGE The state of Michigan is the third-biggest apple-producing state in the union. We long for more of them squished and fermented into drinks like JK Scrumpy's Orchard Gate Gold. It's an organic hard cider that's dry, but whispering with the sweetness of the autumn orchard, and redolent of spice and soft, ripe apples. The JK stands for Jim Koan, whose apples grow on land his family has farmed for the past 150 years. Though Orchard Gate Gold is sparkling and not proper "English west country" scrumpy, the farmhouse ideal it's modeled after is true enough. Detroit Metro Times, November 2007

(June 2010) The Scrumpy has a bit of a cloudy, golden appearance, due to the fact that it is unfiltered. It emits a strong and pleasant apple aroma. When I tasted it, it certainly seemed very much like an apple cider, though with carbonation and a tiny bit of an alcoholic kick. It tends to be more on the dry side, but with hints of sweet and tart apple. The apple taste is prominent and delicious, and it is crisp and refreshing. It was very easy to finish off the bottle, and I could have opened another bottle if I had it. Richard Auffrey, The Passionate Foodie

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