This Original Hard-Cider has been made on our family-owned farm in Flushing, Michigan for well over a hundred years. It was first pressed back in the 1850's. Not much as changed in the process since then. We use the same apples from the same orchards as my great-great grandfather did before the time of the Civil War. We are proud of that. It gives us a sense of history.

The cider has played an important role in the ongoing history of our farm. The sale of cider actually saved our farm during the Great Depression. And, during the Prohibition people came from far and wide for our "Special Farm Cider."

We grow vegetables and fruits here at Almar, but our cider has kept us in business when times have gotten tough. Regretfully, it seems that history has a habit of repeating itself…

These past few years, many of our nation's orchards have closed their barn doors and orchard gateways as the influx of apple juice made from cheap concentrates arrive in the USA from China and South America. Some call it a "sign of the times," and others seem to appreciate the "bargain" at the grocery store.

For a mpeg-format view/download of Jim Koan's "Organic Apple Production" video [23MB], click here or the image above. To download, click-right and "Save As."

All I can say is that our Orchard Gate Gold is the real thing. It's not a "made using" or "contains" product. IT IS REAL CIDER. Pure, natural and uniquely flavorful. We grow, harvest, and press the apples right here on the farm. It is time-consuming, labor-intensive and worth every bit of what it takes to make it.

Our cider is not only natural, it is truly organic. It always has been. It's simply a fact of what we do - and how we do it. We use no insecticides in the farm orchards. Rather, I do what my grandfather did. I have a large flock of guinea fowl that wander about and eat the bugs. Fallen apples that have hit the ground are always a food source for pests, so I let my Berkshire pigs wander the orchard and eat the fallen apples. In a fast-paced, instant gratification society all this may seem a little old fashioned, or not "cost-effective." But, we have a cider that is not like any other, and the idea of playing around with what makes that happen... well, it just ain't part of the plan.

J.K.'S Orchard Gate Gold


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